Dig Inn

If you happen to be in New York City, Boston, or Philadelphia, we highly recommend stopping by Dig Inn for a bite to eat. Not only is their food fresh and delicious, Dig Inn has a terrific mission in how they prepare food, work with local growers and support their communities.
The food is seasonal and showcases produce available from the more than 100 farmers Dig Inn works with to create recipes for the menus. This collaboration between the chefs and farmers not only brings their recipes to life, but also helps farmers to plan their crops. Dig Inn buys from minority-run and small-scale farms to support sustainable growing and invest in the future of farming. Unlike most restaurants, who typically buy only one week at a time, Dig Inn signs contracts with farmers for time periods that work for the farmers and facilitates the collaboration of growing and recipe development.
We admire how Dig Inn develops recipes with a commitment to using vegetables from “stem to leaf” in order to minimize waste. Additionally, they help their communities by donating unsold food at the end of each day. 
We encourage you to have a look at the Dig Inn website to get inspired and hopefully give them a try. If you’re not located in one of the areas they serve, please pass their name along to friends or family living in or planning to visit, NYC, Boston, or Philadelphia.
Dig Inn has a deep respect for locally grown ingredients. Chefs and growers collaborate to develop recipes and create meals we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

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