What’s the buzz on bee pollen?

What is Bee Pollen and how is it collected?

Bee pollen is a combination of flower pollen, nectar and the digestive juices of worker honeybees. As the bees travel from flower to flower, pollinating each one, tiny dust-size seeds known as pollen cling to their legs and are carried back to the hive. They’re then deposited and naturally processed into a superfood that can sustain our bodies and provide optimal health. Just one tablespoon of our Pure Bee Pollen Powder contains a ton of vitamins, minerals, and 22 amino acids, which stimulate the organs and glands to function properly. It also has five times more protein than meat, cheese, and eggs per ounce! It’s safe to say this is one serious superfood.

And of course, the major benefit for allergy sufferers, it can help improve seasonal allergies when introduced in small quantities to your diet.

It has a slightly sweet, floral taste and can be used in a variety of ways: in smoothies, salad dressings, granola or over yogurt and oatmeal.

Be sure to consume it raw in order to preserve as many nutrients as possible, and if you’re allergic to bees or honey, you may be allergic to bee pollen so use caution. The recommendation is to start out with ¼ teaspoon if you haven’t tried it, then working your way up to 1-2 teaspoons daily.

Article courtesy of Sunburst Superfoods.

Whenever spring rolls around, reach for the bee pollen. For anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies, this stuff is a miracle worker!

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